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Nathaniel Gould Chest-on-Chest
Nathaniel Gould Salem
Cabinetmaker signed "Nath Goul" for Nathaniel Gould of Salem, Massachusetts

Gould's account books are held by the Massachusetts Historical Society. Harden Studios has not yet looked at these to see if this piece is recorded. The known provenance for this chest goes back to the mid 1800's with the Rev. John Pike, DD, and his wife Debra Adams Pike of Rowley, Mass., so more research would be needed to tie this to the account books. The Pike's parents were from Newburyport and Newbury. This chest might be dated "1769" under "Goul", or "77" under "Nath". There are many numbers tallied on the bottom, and the last column has a heading that might read "Shill" -short for shilling.

Cherry with white pine secondary. Maybe apple or other wood as the top of the base. The finish has been skinned but the color, the stain, was not touched. The brasses are original except three bail posts. The top center drawer is fan carved. The other drawers are graduated in size. The front feet are replaced. The rear, bracket feet are original.


Nathaniel Gould Chest Nathaniel Gould Signed Chest
Antique Salem Furniture
Nathaniel Gould Salem Furniture
John Pike DD Rowley