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Mahogany Fly Tea Table

Newport Mahogany Fly Tea Table

Antique American Mahogany Tip-Top Tea Table Circa 1755-1775, Newport, Rhode Island.

The top is 30 7/8" diameter, and the table is 27 3/4" high. The mahogany cleats are stepped in the Newport manner. The stationary block is tiger maple, with incised line detail. The carved dish top has an outer detail which could be described as a half-round on top of a flat. The underside of the dish edge meets a slight rabbet. The joining of the legs to the shaft is covered by an iron brace. The brass catch is replaced. One leg is repaired with an underside splice. The top has a repaired break, with the grain, on one side near the ends of the cleats. The top also has a repaired age split. The block attachment to the shaft has been reinforced. There is evidence of casters having been attached.

This classic Newport table is very similar in appearance to the Rhode Island Historical Society table with John Brown provenance. That table has been attributed to the famous cabinetmaker John Goddard. It's also similar in appearance to another table that was highlighted on Antiques Roadshow. That table, described by Leigh Keno, had a Tripp family label- John Goddards in-laws' family name.


Stepped Cleats Tiger Maple Stationary Block
Dish Top Edge From Above
Stepped Cleat Profile Newport, Rhode Island
Goddard-Townsend School