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Gothic Valuables Box

Antique Carved Gothic Box

Circa 1500 - 1600

Metalwork: Metal strapwork with detailed engraving. Iron and possibly pewter straps. Decorative nailing. Engraved iron handles. Clinched nails. All metal is finely decorated. Some straps have toothed edges to match carving.

Carving: Fine sawtooth carving with floral corner blocks. Multiple Gothic medallion carvings. One medallion has an inconsistancy that may be a type of signature (speculation of course). Some carved edges.

Construction: Nails enter through conical and/or rounded cups, then through wood, then are clinched inside. Interior corner blocks (wood) are through-pegged to the case sides. These blocks extend through the case bottom to become the feet- which have been cut off. The feet were possibly ball or flattened ball, as some turning remains. The top is slightly peaked.

21 1/2" wide, 10 " high at center, 9" high front and back, 17 1/2" deep


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