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Houghton C. Walker
Antique Vermont Folk Portrait

Antique American Oil on Board Portrait

Circa 1827, Artist Unknown

An inscription on the back reads "Portrait of Houghton C. Walker, Son of Col. Joel Walker, Painted January 1827 - Age 12 yrs., Died Oct. 27, 1890"

Houghton C. Walker was born to Joel and Alice Walker in Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont on 10/23/1815 or perhaps 01/01/1816. Arrived in Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois in April of 1837. Elected Sheriff of Boone County in 1838. Held position of Town Clerk of Belvidere at some point. Was selling dry goods in 1870. Wife was Emaline A. Frost Walker, originally from Brooklyn, New York. Buried at Belvidere Cemetary. Framed in an antique Victorian frame.

Overall size 15.5" high by 13.5" wide.

$ 3,750.00

Houghton C Walker Portrait Antique American Portrait Painting